My Buddhist Diary

A Chinese proverbs reads: "one picture is worth a thousand words" Anthony "Amp" Elmore a Nichiren Shoshu practicing Buddhist of 34 years from Memphis, Tennessee opens his video diary whereas he documented in words, pictures of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist from around the world explaining their faith in Buddhism as it is taught by the Nichiren Shoshu Priests. This is perhaps the most comprehensive  video file of English speaking  Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist Worldwide.  Elmore also traveled to Accra, Ghana in 1998 for the history making opening of the first Nichiren Shoshu Temple in Africa and Elmore shows how going to Africa changed his life. For many Buddhism is considered a foreign esotoric religion, Elmore's video documentary opens up a Buddhist world whereas anyone can see, hear and feel to wonder and excitement of practicing Nichiren Shohu Buddhism. Elmore shows that Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism is for the World.

Anthony Video Stairway to Heaven trip to Dai-Gohonzon

Anthony is a five time world Kickboxing champion and he meets Priest and Akido Master Rev. Yanosaka in Japan 1997

Video of Alan Billups Buddhist Lectures

Anthony Tapes the California Girls
Filming Members from Brazil
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Part one My 1st Tozan
Part Two My 1st Tozan
Part Three My 1st Tozan
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Part Four  My 1st Tozan 1996
Part Five My 1st Tozan 1996

Part Six  My 1st Tozan 1996

Filming Catherine from New York
Part Seven My 1st Tozan 1996
Anthony at Taisekiji Japan Video Taping events
Angela from St. Louis meets Mimi from Singapore and they become great friends at Tozan.
In August of 1996 I had the pleasure of meeting and filming our current 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin. before he became our 68th High Priest..  This is a very rare Video.
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