Please note that this video was shot in  August of 1996  and many have aged or  perhaps no longer physically with us but their spirit respecfully remain to enlighten and teach us.  Please allow the video to load.

This Member John Lewis from the Washington D.C. area was perhaps one of the most articulate Buddhist I have ever encountered in my life he was 74 years old at the time of  his interview and at the time of this posting he would be about 86 years old . We need people like Mr. Lewis to write books on Buddhism.

I spoke with Mrs. Alma Cole from Washington D.C. in 1996.  At the time of the interview she was 74 years old and at the time of this posting she would be 86 years old.  She begin practicing in 1964 I would have loved to learn more from her. We want others to feel her Buddhist spirit.  For an African/American her age to practice Buddhism made her a very rare woman. We appreciate her.

Earl Ikeda from Hawaii Tozan Interview Aug. 1996. We both are in the Carpet business.
Janet Cole From Los Angeles on the way to Ushtori Gongyo at 2:00 a.m.  1996 and I asked her a few questions.
Chicago School Teacher Interview Japan 1996. Early morning he was just chilling outside at Tozan and I just struck up a Buddhist Coversation with him.
Recognizing the Unity of Washington D.C. Members at Tozan in Aug. of 1996
Yolanda Jamison explains why she comes to Tozan to connect with the source of the Buddhist Power, "The Gohonzon." This video was shot in 1996.